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TikTok, an app that is available in over 150 countries, 39 languages and attracts over 500 million monthly users is one of the most popular apps in the history of pop culture. The controversial app made headlines for its data security issues and will be a big player in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.


How Black Lives Matter Is Changing Our View On Film & TV

A look at Hollywood’s strained relationship with race and how the Black Lives Matter is changing our view on TV and film. There is a reckoning In Hollywood. Books, podcasts, documentaries exploring racial issues in America are topping charts and being newly featured on streaming services. Meanwhile, artworks deemed racially insensitive — or downright racist — are getting banned. Is the long-overdue reckoning in Hollywood a movement or just a moment? We caution you our story unavoidably includes insensitive images.

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How COVID-19 Is Accelerating Big Changes In Hollywood

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